This article has been written to provide information about how Feng Shui can be helpful in creating wealth. Moreover, it also deals with the important aspects of this ancient Chinese metaphysics.

In the basic concepts of Feng practices, it is considered that every home is divided into eight sections that are determined by the Bagua diagram. And each section or gua controls one of the eight life aspirations such as career, wealth, health, love, travel, or children.  And the right balance of color and elements energize each area and allow the homeowners to become more rich. It is also considered that certain objects, particularly mythological animals, ancient Chinese heroes, and coins, can further enhance one’s luck.

One can use practices of Feng Shui for wealth. If you want to improve wealth and prosperity, you should put items at the workplace or in the home or office, on the north end of a desk or near the cash register. Lucky Rat with Coin in Mouth, although Western civilization considers rats as filthy creatures, are an integral part of the Chinese zodiac, and considered to bring shiny and  and bright objects, such as coins and gems. The rat will attract wealth into your  business or home.

Arowana fish on coins are intended for the wealth and prosperity. Gua will feature coins, the ultimate symbol of wealth. The Arowana Fish is associated with opulence because the alive Arowana has the ability to focus, a faithful demeanor and a no-nonsense attitude that provide  it with a superior place in the animal kingdom. It’s considered the rich man’s fish, and can be seen in the homes of many tycoons in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Some people believe that periodically stroking the fish’s back energizes the good luck vibes.

Eight Galloping Horses are for people who want to improve their status or social standing. If you want to climb up the corporate ladder of success, these brilliant steeds will increase your speed towards your objective. Eight is considered a lucky number itself, and is believed to bring fame that generates an extravagant wealth. Their muscular bodies are also indicative of good health.

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