The love of the animals is not the new slogan of the modern ethics alone .Many years before the first Bishop of Athens has said that truth does not enter the soul which loved not animals. I had heard of some tales of the Muslim lord and nawabs having spent thousands of rupees on the marriage of their pet dogs .

When they were ridiculed on this spending he has made a legend. He took his son on the top of the place which was few stories above the ground.Closed all the doors and windows and asked him to jump from the top. All thought he is run mad and mocked at him. Then he Put  his dog in the similar situation and called him in distress, the dog jumped breaking his  legs in the endeavour. Thus he answered all question to his spending on his pet.

Here we do learn that animals are more loyal to man than what he is to them. From times immoral animals have been helping human to perform many tasks.

Many stories are in the literature when dog has helped him to come out in difficult situation. We do sometimes see that animals have so much affection for the man who once cares for them that they never forget his love and affection .I have never seen or heard of a animal hurting his master but have seen many sons careless and leaving their own parents and other human beings in distress. Goats have been helping the people in deserted conditions .Animal do recognize and recipocorate the love and affection one gives them, they do have revenge qualities too and literature is full of reports while wild beasts have recognized the man who endangered them and killed them before himself being killed.

The animal ethic is not new Islam the religion which is thought to be wrongly linked cruel to the animals has been asking for their protection and well fare. Below we reproduce the paper of an professor from Iran who details the Islamic principles for animal welfare enunciated much before 1980 when the modern animal welfare came into exisistence.Several years has elapsed since the societal recognition of the issue that not only people should but animals too need your care and attension.

Biomedical education as a social concern for laboratory animal’s welfare rises. However, the Quran, the holy book of God too preaches the love for the animals .The love for the animals is as essential as the love for any human kind.The animals and all the orhter creatures are told to be preaching and subjugating to God and GOD alone.

Book of Islam, as well as Hadiths contain the obligatory ways to keep and treat animals since more than 1430 years ago ,as such no muslim can be and should be brutal to any livining creatures

According to Islamic principles, humanity is not allowed to do everything to the living things and must traet them with respect.The master of any animal has to provide him with proper food and shelter.It wrong to leave them unattended in old age , as most of the people do even with cows and calves if they are not economic.We have seen many old parents yawning to see their sons and daughters in old age.Even in Asian countries the western culture of nuclear families have necessiated parental home.We here in India here many dreadful stories of the cruelity to men and women in old age,Therefore a love for the animals is essential to create a feeling for the life on this planet.LOVE OF LIFE IS ESSENTIAL INGREDIENT OF WOTLD PEACE Hunting of young birds for pleasure is forbidden by Islam. From the Islamic viewpoit animals represent GODS MIGHT.The might and wisdom of God is more important saver of the animals Several Islamic manuscripts state that animals have their own position in the world and humans are responsible for the facilities and  animals’ health Islam determines the living costs of animals and orders humanity to respect and not to abuse the animals.Quran says  “Certainly, there is no one who has been created without the will of the as such no man has an athourity to be cruel to them

Many scholars in the Islamic world have discussed the ethics of animal welfare a muslim is duty bound to follow the guidelines of the God.Let us pray all of us irrespective of gender,religion,race shall start loving animals.Yes we leave it to you eat or not to eat an animals ,as they are created for this purpose,but yes their eating is not a binding but an option.They have to be even kliied or sarcrified polietely.Quran does not allow sacreficing an animal infront of another animal.Here in this world we kill and slaughter the humans what to talk of animals,Beware man you have to answer your deads ,do good now to have enterrence to peace in the heavens.

Source by Ghulam Mohyuddin Wani