In India, approximately 120 million egg-laying hens are being bred in cruelty in battery cages. They’re called battery cages because the eggs are stacked up on another. McDonald’s is one company that procures most of its eggs by such means. Though they have stopped this method in many countries, it is still continuing in India. Coming to the aid of animals was BJP MP Poonam Mahajan. He had recently sent a letter on December 1, 2016, stating that McDonald’s should stop procuring eggs from battery cages in India too like in the USA, Canada and South Africa.

Poonam Mahajan (Member of Parliament)

The letter had implications of animal cruelty. It mentioned how much the egg-laying hens were tortured just for eggs. The hens were crammed wing to wing thus getting immobilised for the rest of their lifetime. Though McDonald’s had stopped this cruel method in many states abroad, they still continue doing so in India. It is to be noted that Poonam Mahajan is a trustee of PFA (People For Animals), a welfare organisation that upholds the laws and rights against animal cruelty. Almost all states have passed laws that battery caging is illegal. Kudos to our BJP MP for standing up for what’s right. Let’s hope this ends well on the side of these animals.

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