Pelicans are graceful birds that can make even the most monstrous seas and oceans look serene in a photograph. These birds can be found in all continents other than Antarctica. Coming in over 8 species, these birds are diversely spread all around the world equally.


Let’s see some interesting facts about this bird:

1. Pelicans may not be the largest of birds, but will definitely make it to the top 10 list. They are around 4 to 6 inches in length can weigh anywhere around 10-30 pounds!
2. While it is not the largest bird, it has the largest beak. Its beak is called a bill and it has the capacity to hold around 3 gallons of water!
3. Pelicans have webbed feet. This helps them in hunting and also when they have to make contact with water.
4. Fishes are the main diet of Pelicans. They also eat tadpoles and turtles.


5. Pelicans are very social. They often live in a large colony which consists of a lot of other pelicans.
6. While most of the pelicans mate seasonally, certain species mate throughout the year around the clock.
7. Pelicans can lay up to 1-3 eggs and they take around a month to hatch.
8. Baby pelicans eat food from the bills of their parents.
9. Pelicans are expert hunters and hunt with a tactic.
10. When set in the wild, pelicans can survive from 10-30 years.


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