This animal forages through hedges in search of food like worms, insects, snails, frogs, and snakes, and thus, it got its name – ‘The Hedgehog!’. This animal, though cute, is quite a brilliant hunter on the low-level grounds. It grunts as it searches for food, just like a pig.

Let us see some cool facts about the Hedgehog!

1. Hedgehogs are much like owls when it comes to the time of activity. They are nocturnal animals and hunt during the night. They spend their day resting under the bushes and shrubs.
2. A hedgehog has around 5000 spines. Each of them last for almost a year and they are naturally produced again!
3. Their thick coat-like skin and spines help them in defending against predators like the fox. They curl into a ball like structure when they feel alarmed or threatened!
4. They have an extended snout beyond their mouth. This helps them in foraging for food. This helps compensate their poor eyesight.
5. Hedgehogs are called a gardener’s friend! They eat up almost any insect they can find and keep the garden free of pests!
6. Hedgehogs are born blind!
7. Hedgehogs are born in litters from 1 to 11. Their mothers take care of them for only 4-7 weeks after which they have to live life on their own! A baby hedgehog is called a hoglet.
8. There are 17 different species of hedgehogs!
9. If you’re a resident of Pennsylvania, beware. You cannot own a hedgehog as it is illegal there.


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