When you get an African Pet Parrot for yourself, you will have a pet for life. African Pet Parrots live for 50 to 70 years, which is almost equal to that of human beings. Just make sure you buy the right parrot cages for your pet.

The African Grey Parrot may even go on to outlive you; therefore, there is no need to shed tears anymore because your pet died. The African Parrot has been a favorite pet throughout the world since time immemorial. Rearing African Parrots is a full-fledged business in Africa, and businessmen there breed them specifically to sell these to buyers from across the world. But these parrots do require large and special parrot cages to keep them in.

Adaptable African Pet Parrots
The African Pet Parrot adapts to local conditions very quickly as it manages to fit perfectly almost anywhere in the world. Though common sense tells us that the African Parrot will not be the right choice in homes where there is too much open space or you have dogs and cats, or even children. The African Parrot is known for its friendly nature, which can be detrimental to the safety of young children.

The male Parrots tend to be larger in size with round eyes whereas females are smaller and have elliptical eyes. These parrots, however, come at a cost. You may have to pay anything in the range of $500 to $1000 for the parrots. The parrot cages also need to be better, sturdier, and long lasting due to the longer life of African parrots.

African Grey Parrots
African Grey Parrots, however, are equally popular as pets though not very easy to own. Many people would suggest you to expect parrot’s behavior to be like that of dog or cat. These parrots can be very nervous when they enter your home and can develop behavior problems. They get stressed easily when they are meeting new people or other animals.

Keep Your Parrot Happy
It’s great if you can afford training from a parrot trainer, since the investment will be worth it. The African Grey Parrots are among the most intelligent, they respond very quickly when you interact with them and they can go on to become a great pet. You can keep your parrot happy and stress free with the help of toys, spacious parrot cages, and plenty of attention.

Clean Cages Regularly
You need to clean the parrot cages regularly, especially due to their irregular excretion. That’s why the cages need to be cleaned thoroughly with water so as to remove all the smell and kill bacteria from cages. African Grey Parrots have a habit of chewing almost anything. They enjoy chewing wood, clothes, curtains as well as many other things. We do not intend to discourage you, but you still need to be on the safer side while letting the parrot out of the cage.

Parrots Diet
The diet of African Grey Parrots should include calcium and vitamin A in adequate amount. Some of the examples of proper food for your parrot are fruit, seeds, peeled food, nuts, leafy greens, vegetables and cheese. If the parrot is being supplied adequate diet, you may not need supplements in that case. Make sure fresh water is always available for your parrot and the water supply needs to be changed regularly. Some people add supplements in the water also. When you are buying an African Grey Parrot, you need to keep in mind the environment it is going to live in. Your parrots should always feel safe within their living space. parrot cages for your African Grey Parrot come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Good parrot cages are expensive, but since African parrots may live for about 50 years, the investment might be worth it.

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Source by Sunil Punjabi