We live in a polluted world and we’re blessed to have exotic creatures sharing places with us. But, are they as privileged as our words state? The frank answer will be a big NO. The same law that banned Jallikattu doesn’t seem to pay any heed to killing of other animals. This is just proof that if something goes religious and cultural, then the government steps in to take action. But, until that happens, the government just will not care. It is concerned only with the safety of humans. The real existence of a government is questioned in such circumstances. In November, the villagers of Mandawar, Gurugram captured a leopard and beat it to death. What the did the government do? They just watched. Later, a few days ago, the Delhi Forest Department trapped a leopard cub on the outskirts of Yamuna Biodiversity Park. It was sent to its “home” in the park.

The laws laid down by our constitution states that humans have no rights to capture a wild animal if it has been growing in the wild unless it becomes a threat to human life or property. But, what we see around is a case where an animal is hunted down to death or captured like a prisoner and sent back to a jail. It is fair to say that we have fair laws, but unfair means of following them. Humans ourselves do not have tight laws that are being followed, what more can we expect for these animals that can’t even speak out for themselves? We imprison them and give it a name called “home”. We tell that they are safe there, instead of accepting the fact that we take these overprotective measures to ensure our “safety”.

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