Tuberculosis has been on a rise recently in England. And in a desperate effort to curb the outbreak, the government ordered a badger cull this autumn. A badger cull is a way where badgers are hunted down and killed. But, this issue has more depth to it than what it looks like on the surface. Although the ministers claimed this act to be successful, leading scientists said that this was just a cover up for the misdeeds of the livestock industry and that badgers had nothing to do with TB. It was not soon before long when badger culling started trending in parts of the country, with most of them being shot to death.

Can you believe that the number of badgers that died in 2016 so far has been 7 times the number of badgers that died in 2015? A simple rule from the government is enough to even make a species go extinct? Where did the senses vanish all of a sudden anyway? After almost all scientists denied any relationship for TB with badgers, the environment secretary, Andrea Leadsom went on to announce TB-free status in most parts of the country. But, I think that vaccinations would be a better option than killing harmful creatures. What do you say?

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