An almost rare event occurred at the Chester Zoo yesterday. A 12-year-old Asian elephant, Sundara, gave birth to a female calf after 22 months of pregnancy. There have been positive vibes all around the zoo and even within the herd. A scene of birth is considered as a huge source of positivity by the other elephants in the herd and they collectively work to make sure the process is really smooth and successful. The newly born calf has not been named yet. I called this rare because the Asian elephants mostly get killed or injured as they run into villages and crops eventually ending up getting beaten by them.

Image Courtesy – Chester Zoo

The zoo-keepers gave the herd enough privacy to the herd and watched the scene through CCTV cameras incase anything serious happened. With this newborn calf, the population of the herd rose to 7, with 5 belonging to the same family called the Hi Ways. Sundara gave a few harmless kicks to the calf to get it running on its feet, and within no time, the calf was up on its feet and stable. The Asian elephants have a lifespan of 50-60 years. But, as I said earlier, most of them die before they can see their real end. Let’s spread awareness and help save these lovely animals!

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