Dog Relaxation 9 hrs. If you’re of us we have rescue dogs and our two small dogs were just abandoned in a field. Khia still suffers from anxiety from the trauma of being abandoned. They were abandoned during the economic crisis of the 2000’s and there were many foreclosures in the San Joaquin Valley. We don’t know if that was the reason for abandonment but there are shelters of the no-kill variety so it makes no sense, but some dogs just love their owners so much and miss them so much when they are gone for long periods of the day. This in part was the reason for ” Relax My Dog House ” Khia is much better and we have been blessed and their dogs as well with a good success rate and we owe that to all our supporters so thank you. Remember we are not behaviorists we try to relax and calm. I put the education to work because we love and care so much for dogs, They bring us calm by being with us. They bring blood pressure down and make us overall happy with there presence. Unconditional love in the family.
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Thank all the members and possibly non-subscribers for your support. We have been gone for a while, but please read our post on why. All it matters is were back from family tragedy and read to love the dogs again and help those in the “Relax My Dog House” Family. Please subscribe an share so we can keep the channel going. Thank you for all your support!
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