The world is on the verge of dying because of global warming and the economic crisis. But, what hurts animals the most, is the former. A frank question I’d like to ask is “What wrong deed did the animals do to face all this?”. We should ask this to ourselves. Penguins, Dolphins, and a lot of other animals are dying at an exponential rate every year. In India, illegal activities like poaching even lead to extinction of the species. Let’s take a look at 10 animals in India that may go extinct in the next 10 years.

1. Red Panda

Have you ever seen one around? Oops, that’s the reason why it’s on this list. It’s also called as Red Fox in India. This gorgeous animal has been pushed to its limits in this country.

2. Nilgiri Black Langur

A member of 13 species of Monkeys found in India, it belongs to the southern part of the country. The reason for its sudden disappearance rate is a mystery.

3. Indian Wild Dog

The Indian Wild Dog, also called as Dhole, is a hunting predator that belongs in the woods. It lives in packs and has extraordinary vocal call. There are only about 2500 Dholes left in this planet.

4. Indian Wild Ass

Yes, you read it right. Even donkeys are going extinct. How bad does it hurt? Only 362 of them are left in India.

5. Black Buck

Known for its majestic horns, the Black Buck is mainly found in India. But, now, they can only be seen in a few protected areas like the Guindy National Park.

6. Indian Rhinoceros

This news is not new to us. We’ve already heard a lot of news about Rhinos going extinct in our country. About 3000 are still alive and can only be found in the North-Eastern parts of India.

7. The Great Indian Bustard

This bird is just a heavy weight flying machine and is a treat to the eyes. But, sadly, it is one of the rarest birds of its kind in the Indian subcontinent with only less than a thousand still left.

8. Gharial

I can easily find its extinct. Its just because I’m hearing about this animal for the first time. It belongs to the crocodile family. Recently, India witnessed the death of a large number of Gharials in river Chambal. This is just because of water pollution.

9. Dolphins

Dolphins are unarguably, the finest looking aquatic species. It’s found in the Brahmaputra river.

10. The Indian Tiger

Last, but not the least, we see the Indian Tiger in this list. There have been a lot of awareness programs to stop poaching and to save these animals. The sad truth is, nothing is working out too well. Their survival rate still seems to deteriorate.

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